Membership Benefits

Becoming part of SME Gateway provides you with equal access to our range of panels. We are constantly seeking opportunities for our SMEs across a broad spectrum of markets. This includes not only government but also in the corporate, finance and Defence Industry sectors. We do this so that we maximise the business opportunity for our Member SMEs and provide the broadest base of opportunity but also provide our clients with the depth of capability. Where we win access to a new panel or establish relationships with other corporate entities, all Members benefit immediately.

As part of the unique SME Gateway business model, we ensure that each of our SMEs and the clients they service, understands the contractual vehicle is managed through SME Gateway. We actively encourage our SME Companies to individually build their brand from the role for which they are engaged. The use of the delivery SME’s brand and support/governance provided by SME Gateway results in a significantly lower risk for the client while supporting and making visible the SME with respect to capability, innovation, value for money and resourcing.

If our SME Member does not have the required insurances that is mandated by the engagement, SME Gateway is able to provide a Membership option which provides full access to these requirements. We do not compete with our SME Members but believe that every Member should be able to compete for opportunities where they can demonstrate real capability and value.

Membership Model

In order to provide the maximum flexibility for our Members, SME Gateway operates two tiers of Membership.

  • Tier 1 is for companies that hold sufficient insurance to participate in government or commercial contracts.
  • Tier 2 is for companies that require SME Gateway to provide insurance cover that meet prescribed government or commercial contract requirements.

There is a joining fee for each type of Membership. This fee allows SMEs to receive all tender opportunities sent to SME Gateway and hence provide the mechanism to submit responses to these requirements. SME Gateway will assist in ensuring all submissions are compliant with the tender requirements (including providing quality checks) and submitted by the required date. Risk mitigation is important for contracts and we ensure that our submissions meet client requirements and present value for money. Upon winning a contract, we will manage all the contractual requirements including purchase orders and contract documentation so that you can commence the project as quickly as possible.

During the project, SME Gateway provides a full contract management service. Our fee is one of the lowest in the market and ensures that the maximum financial benefit is passed onto our SME Members. Working with our Members, we ensure timely, reliable and quality outcomes for each contract and ensure all engagements employ accepted program or project management methodologies.

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